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One of the most frequent ways in which people try to get rid of back pain is by methods that would leave little or no side-effects. Since allopathic medicines are often known for their side effect tendencies, people with back pain hesitate to adopt these medicines for curing and preventing their back pain. In that case the answer lies in turning to herbal and traditional sources of medicine for relief from back pain.

These alternative sources of medicine have been in use for centuries in countries like India. Several other practitioners belonging to other schools of medicines also advice the sufferers of back pain to turn to alternate sources of medication and find out a way out of back pain problem.

One of the best known alternate medicine sources for relieving back pain is Ayurveda. This ancient science of medicine is based on individual attention for curing back pain. Thus the “dosha” or individual condition and nature of the person is studied closely before a prescription is made for relieving his back pain. The logic behind such a course of treatment is that the vitiated dosha in the person results in back pain and the cure lies in correcting the vitiated dosha. The herbal preparation thus prescribed is ashtha vargam and it has to be administered internally. Thus the dosage and the methodology of taking the medicine of this kind, is thus made for the individual and given to him alone. If another person takes the same medicine it may or may not work on him or her at all.

In addition to this internal medicine regimen there is also a routine of external discipline that has to be instituted alongside. The purgation of the system is necessary for back pain sufferers and Ayurveda has specially prepared medications for this purpose.

Also the panchakarma treatment is a common way of attending to the problem of back pain. This system consists of a round of massage with herbal oils and the application of a medicated enema.

Sometimes the Ayurveda practitioners also recommend a series of yoga asanas for the patient who comes to him with a complaint of back pain. But then it is necessary to perform these asanas under the guidance of a properly trained yoga teacher who realizes that the purpose of the yoga being learnt is not body and mind building but for allaying the problem of back pain. When all these methods are put in place, the sufferer from back pain is well set on the path of relief from back pain.

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