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Neck and Upper Back Pain

In this day of civilization, we have developed a complex life which has made us most sedentary. Our mechanical lifestyle, long working hours and tedious tasks are taking a heavy toll on our neck and back muscles. We do not use our neck and upper back muscles as much as they should be. This makes our muscles weak and shortens them, causing decreased blood flow. This ultimately results in pain and numbness in the upper portion of the back including the neck. The most common causes of neck and thoracic pains are the reckless postures creating muscle sprain. But if you take care of your physical balance and develop a healthy posture and good working habits, these problems can be avoided.


There are many cures of this problem and yoga is very helpful. Here we are discussing some useful yoga postures to keep our neck and back relaxed:

  1. Sukhasan - This is a classic meditative pose which keeps you cool and your spine straight.

  2. Single leg raise - This is done to make your body ready for other exercises.

  3. Shoulder stretches - It relieves stress and pain in the entire upper back.

  4. Sun salutation - It makes your entire body ready for the different asanas (yogic postures).


Apart from exercises, there are various medicines available in the market for the neck pain and backache. The cause and condition of the problem varies from person-to-person. The causes determine the line of treatment given by a doctor. Different medicines take different approaches to solve this problem. Medicines containing natural ingredients remove toxins and suppress the inflammation. This increases the flow of blood in the neck and thoracic region and start the healing process. Non-steroid drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin work in a different way and are used during intense pain.

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