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Exercises To Manage Sciatica
Exercises that are used to treat back pain and leg pain are known as sciatica exercises. Sciatica pain occurs because of stretching hamstrings. The hamstring muscles are situated in the back part of our thighs. These muscles help us to bend our knees and hips to make bigger. Tightness in the hamstring creates stress and low back pain and after some time it becomes the cause of sciatica, therefore one should avoid jumping while doing exercise for hamstring. Now it is essential for one to be aware about the strings and symptoms of sciatica so that it could be treated properly.

Usually it starts from the low part of our body and travel downwards through buttocks and thighs. This sort of acute pain can be persisting for six weeks. Apart from acute pain you can feel numbness in your thighs, calf and buttocks after sitting for long time, sometime you may also feel tingling in your toes. Now please don’t lose your heart if you are facing all these symptoms, because here  are some remedies for these problems through exercises.

1. For quick relief you can use heating and cooling pad which can ease the discomfort of sciatica pain.
2. Hamstring stretching exercise, it is the most latest and effective exercise for sciatica. Lie on floor and raise your leg upward hold it with your hand and stretch it, hold it in a same position for 15 second then try to touch the bottom of the foot on floor.
3. Stretch your body while sitting. Sit on the edge of the chair and keep your one leg straight with the heel on floor and keep your thigh muscles tight and don’t lean your body backward. Hold this position for 15 seconds.
4. Before starting exercise for sciatica one should consult to doctor because some time wrong exercises can make the condition worse.

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