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There is a deep meaning in what the poet says. It is the mind over the matter theory. It is the victory of the will power over the gross! It is the victory of love over all other things! And your back pain is a trifle, before the all-conquering power of the spirit, which always energizes you! If only you are able to understand the power of the Nature- all these pains would have to run down the drain! Do you think that I am carrying you emotionally? No! I only wish to give you certain practical, life-saving hints!

These hard pain killers have ruined the health of the era! Any hard medication for the back pain is bad. The pain needs to make its exit in the most natural way. Then only you will get permanent relief.

You can go back to the Vioxx controversy for this. 20 million Americans gulped Vioxx, a pain medication, prescribed by competent surgeons and medical practitioners of USA, before its heart-attacking qualities were detected by further research! It was subsequently withdrawn from the racks of the medical stores and hospitals. Apart from many other law suits, a marathon runner, aged 59, got the damages worth $253.4 million, against the drug-manufacturing company.

Then what about numerous other over-the-counter painkillers? Same could be their story. Surrender to the Nature! Surrender to Yoga Asanas and Pranayama if you wish to have natural back pain relief. Depend upon the famous oil massages prescribed in the ancient texts of India, authored by enlightened Sages! Your body is always willing to co-operate with you if you understand the way it functions!

Now, the American researchers too have found! The power of the Nature! The bark of the white willow tree has the properties to cure pain and take on fevers. The salaicin in the willow and human body converts it into salicylic acid. It is popularly now termed as herbal aspirin.

There are many such popular herbs. Go through any standard text on Ayurveda, the science of Natural healing and you will understand the systems of closing your pain-chapter for ever!

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