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Herniated Cervical Disc

The whole of the spine is at the risk of herniation or rapture. But the most prone areas are the lumbar region, and the cervical region. When a bulging disk occurs in the area of neck, it is called herniated cervical disk.

What are the causes of herniated cervical disk?

There are three most common possible ways by which cervical disk gets raptured. They are aging, stress of longer periods and the last one is a sudden injury. In aging, the disks slowly lose the elasticity, and the gelatinous material inside the joints get shrunk. This results in the disk to rapture. The rapture disk than comes out and causes the herniation.

In longer stress like bad posture of sitting, sleeping, the joints get stressed and the result is a bulge of the disk. In case of injury the cartilaginous cushions get much tensed and one or two of them come out. The injury can be caused by a sudden jerk or some strong movement of the neck in wrong position.

Symptoms of Herniation in the neck:

Well the first symptom is pain and difficulty in moving the neck. Then swelling may arise and the area may be heated up. In some cases the pain travels towards the shoulders and down to the warms and hands. If it persist without treatment then it will cause your finger to numbness.

What are the treatments of this bulging disk?

There are wide range of treatments for this condition. One can go for regular treatments or can go for alternative treatments. Exercise is the common advisable prescription for both the kinds of treatments. But in alternative treatment there is no mention of medicines or surgery. In regular practice a doctor can advice medicines and in severe cases surgery is recommended. Whatever treatment you choose its up to you, but don't delay if you are suffering from any such problems.

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