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How to Decipher Upper Back Pain
The pain felt between the lower back and the neck is known as upper back pain. This region is also known as thoracic back as it concerns the thoracic region, including the chest and this is where ribs attach. The symptoms of upper back pain can be easily diagnosed. There are some obvious signs of the thoracic pain which you yourself can decipher. The most vivid sign of upper back pain is the pain in upper back. Muscular spasm is also one of the most common symptoms of this problem. Moreover, if you feel pain in the lumbar region while breathing, it also shows that you have developed backache in the upper part of your spine. You may feel discomforted even if you move suddenly or if someone touches your back without your knowledge.

Moving shoulders or bending the neck forward or backwards can also be Herculean task if your upper back is not sound. Some of the common symptoms are
1. Regular stiffness right from the neck to the hips.
2. Intense but localized pain may follow just after any tough and demanding physical activity.
3. Chronic pain in the upper portion of the back

You should see a doctor:
1. If you feel a pinch, numbness or loss of control in your hands. This is a sign of a damaged spine.
2. If your pain is spreading downwards.
3. If your pain is accompanied with fever.
4. If you feel pain while going to or coming out of bed.

But there is always a chance that you can return to your normal activities. But for that you should start stretching exercises to make your upper back strong and healthy.

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