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Middle Upper Back Pain

Middle, upper back pain occurs in the cervical spine, the upper portion of the spine. It consists of the upper part of the spinal column, a portion susceptible to dangerous injuries. Cervical spine is made up of seven vertebrae working as a bridge between the head, thorax and the trunk. The bones in this part are smaller than the other bones of the spine. This makes it possible for you to move your head freely.


Muscle tissues and ligaments make it possible for cervical spine to move. Muscles help in the movement of spine where as ligaments give stability to the bones and a broader range of movement. Some sort of trauma has been found to be the main reason in most of the cases of pain in the cervical spine. This trauma may come as a result of terrible accident or a huge force compressing the cervical spine.


There are other conditions too that can affect the upper portion of the spine. Rheumatoid arthritis is one such condition. Moreover stenosis, spondylosis or cervical disc ruptures may also give pain and discomfort to the movement of cervical spine. Discs found between vertebrae are made of cartilage. Arthritis, on the other hand leads to degeneration of the discs. This results in severe middle upper back pain. To have a fluid movement, the cervical vertebrae should be in a healthy state.

Pain in this area may develop suddenly or over time. But it needs immediate treatment otherwise condition may take turn for the worse. Some medication like Ibuprofen and Tylenol can give some relief. But, they are not without side effects. They could result in gastrointestinal bleeding and other risks. Moreover, ice packs and heating pads are also good treatment methods. Rest is always a good method to avoid pain.


Muscle relaxants as a treatment relax your muscles and reduce muscle spasm. But it should be used only after taking advice from a doctor. Physical therapy, chiropractor treatment and steroids are some other very useful treatments for cervical spine ache. Surgery is always the last option.

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