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Neck Shoulder and Upper Back Pain
Neck, shoulder and upper back are the areas where there is a complex network of nerves, ligaments, arteries, and veins. They are quite sensitive and prone to sudden bouts of sudden pain. Regarding the causes of neck shoulder and upper back pain, there are innumerable reasons for them. Pain that is felt between the lumbar spine and the lowermost portion of the neck is called upper back pain. It is also sometimes termed as thoracic pain or middle back pain. The area referred to here is very strong in the sense that it supports the whole weight of the upper body and also provides a cavity for heart and lungs.

Causes of upper back pain are confusing but among them, the foremost causes are myofascial pain or muscular irritation and joint dysfunctions. If the bones of a particular region are not strong, the pain can attack you. It is very important to realize the cause of your pain, if you want to recover completely from it.

Prevention against injury is the most important method to try and avoid this pain. The pain in this area can be avoided through regular exercise and doing some light weight training. Try and avoid any activity that causes repetitive stress on the upper back. Always try to get a good posture while sleeping and sitting. For the treatment of neck and shoulder, there are commonly-available anti-inflammatory and analgesics. In cases of extreme pain, a corticosteroid injection can be quite helpful. While for the severe cases surgery is required.
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