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Understanding Upper Back Pain
Pain that is felt between the lumbar spine and the lowermost portion of the neck is called upper back pain. It is also sometimes termed as thoracic pain or middle back pain. The area referred to here is very strong in the sense that it supports the whole weight of the upper body and also provides a cavity for heart and lungs. Causes of upper back pain are myriad but among them the foremost causes are myofascial pain or muscular irritation and joint dysfunctions.

 Also, degeneration of the discs and spinal stenosis are few of the factors that cause upper back pain. Sometimes, sitting in the same posture for long hours or some machines that requires a lot of manual work can be the cause of back pain. You can also incur back pain of because of some sport you are indulging in. Finally, if your bones or a particular region is not strong, the pain can attack you. It is very important to realize the cause of your pain if you want to recover completely from it.

Yoga and meditation are worth trying, to solve minor back pains. They do not require much effort and you can even try it on your own. If you are working somewhere, you can try out some stretching exercises at your desk. This prevents the back from getting stiffed. In the case of severe back pain, medications like painkillers should be the last option. You need to cure your root cause of the pain and for this regular exercise and sitting in a correct posture is the best treatment.
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