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Exercises for Upper Back Pain
Back pain occurs due to dysfunction of some parts of spine (like joints, muscles, nerves etc.). Due to it  the person might feel low and weak. The pain may occur suddenly. It can be felt constantly or at regular intervals. The pain can affect a single part or it can spread across the body. The pain affects a sufferer's daily activities like standing, walking, lifting weights etc.

Types of Back Pain
Back pain may occur in the upper, middle or lower back. But in most cases it occurs in the lower back. Depending on its effect, back pain may be:

Acute - This type of back pain occurs suddenly but for a short period and is very intense.
Chronic - This type of back pain lasts for a very long period and occurs frequently. It is not very intense.

Exercise as Treatment For Back Pain
Before beginning any exercise by yourself, it is advisable to consult a physiotherapist or a physician. Otherwise, these may have undesirable and adverse effects. Stretching and other exercises may be of great help in reducing back pain and the patient may regain lost activities.

Exercises are a convenient solution to back pain. But as it is wisely said that excess of anything is harmful, exercises too should be done within a limit. Exercises release a hormone called endorphin that gives a natural relief from pain. Your physician may recommend you exercises that do not give you unwanted stress. Some of these are swimming, walking or stationary cycling. These exercises should be started at a slower pace and then gradually intensified. If the patient once starts exercising and halfway feels a strong persistent pain, he/she should immediately stop exercising. However it has been found that these exercises can help in controlling chronic back pain. Some of the points that you should keep in mind while exercising are:

* Should always perform these exercises under the guidance of a physician or a doctor.
* Should start exercising at a slower pace and gradually build it up.
* ?Should always try to warm up before starting the exercise.
?* Should take a deep breath when you are going to repeat some exercise and exhale when performing the repetition.
?* Should exercise regularly without failing.

* Here are a few exercises you can use to strengthen your muscles and minimize back pains:
* Stand straight against a wall and slide down slowly so that your knees are bent at an angle of about 90 degree. Now count up to five and slide up slowly.
* Lie down on the floor on your stomach. Raise up one of your leg slowly, hold it there and count to ten, and bring it back on the floor. Now repeat the same with other leg.
* Hold the back of a chair while standing behind it. Start raising one of your leg while keeping it straight. Bring back the leg slowly at its original position. Repeat the same with other leg.
* Lie down on the floor with your knees bent. Slowly raise the knees up so that they almost touch your chest. Make sure that you do not raise your head or straighten your legs. Repeat it five times regularly.

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