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Upper Back Pain- Go For Physio Therapy
When back pain originating from the bottom of the neck portion spreads up to the lumbar spine, it is referred as the upper back pain. Also it is sometimes referred to as thoriac pain or middle back pain. It is not a common condition but many people suffer from it.

As the whole weight of our upper body including the rib cage which shelters the heart and the lungs are rest upon our upper spine, our spine is made tough and hard naturally. But what causes pain in this strong spine?

Well several conditions such as accident, injury, rupture of the discs and many more may cause the trouble with spine. The most common among the causes is irritation of the muscles or in the ligaments. This can be because of weakness or lack of strength in a particular area; following a repetitive posture for a long time like those who are doing manual machine works; due to injury suffered from an accident or in sports.

People who have jobs that demand long sitting hours are generally more prone to back aches. Women who have large breasts can also feel pain in their back early. You can also get your first back pain when trying to lift something heavy and bulky.  Also sometimes you can develop back pain if you have scoliosis.

Regarding treatments you should avoid painkillers and medications and look for physio-therapy as this is the best cure for pain management till date. Jogging and walking can help too. However it is always recommended to meet a doctor and use prescribed meditation and stretching exercises to get early relief from back pain. Most medical experts nowadays prescribe physio therapy to cure back pain and strictly urge to avoid using painkillers, muscle relaxants , narcotics , NSAIDS.

Sometimes a bit of rest and avoiding those activities that triggered your pain can also help. But remember not to make the rest a prolonged one as it can deteriorate your condition.

Ice and heat packs after around 20-30 minutes of the birth of the pain can prevent it from growing further.
 Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen are also helpful but have considerable side effects. So it is better to consult your doctor before popping any pill for pain relief.

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