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Upper back pain is not as common as lower back pain, yet it is similar in nature and it is more painful than lower back pain. Although this pain is not general spinal disorder yet can cause significant discomfort and deadly pain. Most of the time, this kind of pain is found in 25-40 years age group people. It starts because of muscle frustration, frustration of joint, chest infection and sometime because of cough. It is significant to know the areas where this pain has occurred, front part of your chest and bottom part of your rib cage are the areas where usually people feel this sort of pain, but some time it can go to your head as well.

The upper part of our body is the most significant part it acts like a indicator to various diseases and at the same time it helps in supporting and getting the body balance. A man should consult to a doctor immediately if find any common symptoms given blow. 

* 2Acute pain persists in abdomen for more than 6 weeks.
* If pain is in the bottom part of neck while standing up right.
* Feeling like giddy while running or walking.
* Sever pain in joints and muscles.

Now no need to be more concerned about the disease because here are some tips of natural therapy which will help you to make yourself comfortable.

* You can say bye bye to your acute pain for many hours just by doing massage your body.
* You can give relief to muscles pain just by stretching the paining area.
* Simply get the assistance of your friend for pressing the paining area gently with his elbow point.
* A woman should wear the sports bra if suffering in chest pain.


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