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10 Professions that Cause Back Pain!
Do you know that if you do a job that involves hours of sitting or standing in one position or one that makes you repeat a certain task for a long period of time the tendency of back pain affecting you in the medium term increases significantly?

So, one cause of back pain can be attributed to the sort of profession you work in. At least 10 such professions have been found to cause back pain. All of them have one or two things common. Either they are all sedentary jobs in which you work in one position almost all the time. Alternatively, they involve your doing repetitive movements using the same muscle groups for a long time.

The aspect that increases the tendency towards back pain is that except for specific muscle groups, other muscle groups are not exercised at all. Because of all this great stress is borne by the back muscles.

Working for long periods on computer keyboards without a break in between can contribute to repetitive stress injury to your wrists. Bloggers are thus subject to this risk. Desktop professions can cause back pain especially when your posture is not correct and ergonomics rules are not followed.

Policemen on patrol duty generally also complain of back pain especially when they have to sit in their patrol vehicles in one position. Policemen who fight crime can also sometimes injure their backs. This can also cause pain in their backs.

Traffic policemen tend to have pain in their backs. The reason is that they have to stand in one position on traffic islands for long hours directing the flow of vehicles.

The work of firemen is such that they need to direct the flow of water upwards while extinguishing a fire that has spread. They stand for long hours and the tremendous pressure of the water flowing through the hose in their hand is taken up by their shoulder and back muscles. This causes great stress to develop in their lower back and shoulder especially when their job is time taking.

Another category of job that tends to cause back pain is that of bus and truck drivers. They sit in one position for sometimes 6 to 8 hours at a stretch. Considerable stress is carried by their back muscles. Airline pilots are also subject to similar tendencies.

Music band drummers sit in one position while playing percussion instruments. They risk back pain unless they take breaks after every second or third song is completed, which is what is recommended, but not generally adhered to in practice.

Another profession that carries the risk of a bad back is the construction worker's job. He carries heavy loads on his back. If the technique is not right and if it is done without adequate precautions and without breaks, it can result in back pain.

Ballet dancers can also have pain in their backs if a certain movement goes awry and results in a back injury. Stuntmen who perform daring exploits and nurses who help lift patients from the bed to the wheelchair can also suffer back pain.

If you are part of any of these professions, I would advise you to take very good care of your spine and muscles. One can not stop to work for pain relied however one can certainly work to stop pain. Read a guide on back pain treatments.

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