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Symptoms Of Back Pain
Depression And Chronic Back Pain
Depression and chronic back pain have a link between them and one influences the other to a great extent. Chronic back pain has many causes behind it and depression, though not a direct cause, can be one of them.
Symptoms of Chronic Back Pain
It is estimated that about half the population of America is affected by Chronic Back Pain. This is alarmingly due to increased level of stress at offices and other work places. Even children complain of back pain and many of these cases have resulted in chronic back pain disorders.
Chronic Back Pain And Its Description
Upper Back Pain, diagnosis is important!
Back pain probably is nothing new as many a people fall victim to this ailment from time to time. The symptoms, however, should not be ignored and taken seriously.
Symptoms of Spinal Stenosis
Spinal Stenosis is a disease that compresses and narrows the spinal cord and nerves in the spinal column. It is usually caused by spinal degeneration which may be on account of aging.
Spinal Stenosis Symptoms
Narrowing of the body structure, like the spaces in the spine of our body is referred to as spinal stenosis. Usually, narrowness occurs in three areas of the spine.
The Problem Of Herniated Disc
Your body is made up of a number of bones called the “vertebrae”, which when connected together is called the spine. The spine is, therefore, a delicate arrangement of bones which lends stability.
Symptoms Of Upper Back Pain
Upper back pain is the pain felt in the upper portion of human torso. However, it is not limited to upper back alone and can include pain of neck, shoulders, arms and hands.
Spinal stenosis symptoms are gradual but steady!
Stenosis is a Greek term which means choking. Basically, your spine consists of 26 bones in your back which enables you to stand up and produce several body movements.
Symptoms Of Aortic Stenosis
Aortic stenosis occurs when there is an abnormal constriction in the  aortic valve. The basic function of the aortic valve is to control the flow of  blood from the left ventricle to the aorta.
Herniated Disk Symptoms
The symptoms of herniated disk depend on the area in which it has happened. The symptoms differ from position-to-position in the spine. Here, are the common herniated disk symptoms in different positions of the spine.

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