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Fifteen Remedies For Back Pain
Almost everyone suffers from back pain once in a while. There can be a number of reasons for back pain like spinal stenosis, herniated disc and the like.

Almost everyone suffers from back pain once in a while. There can be a number of reasons for back pain like spinal stenosis, herniated disc and the like. But, there are various remedies to get rid of back pain. A few are summarized here for you. Read on.

Acupuncture: It is known as the most effective solution for back pain. It is a traditional Chinese method of back pain relief. It is believed that pain is a result of the blocked energy pathways in the body. This blocked energy is released through inserting needles along these pathways. The process as it seems is not painful.

Balneotherapy: The patient in this technique is asked to bathe in mineral or warm water.

Capsaicin cream: It is not commonly known but is one of an ingredient in chilly peppers. The burning sensation that you get in the mouth is the effect of capsaicin. When applied to the affected area, it decreases the amount of a neurochemical P that transmits signals of pain to the brain. It acts as an analgesic.

Prolotherapy: Treats the damaged ligaments to alleviate pain.

Vitamin D: The deficiency of vitamin D is also known to cause acute pain in muscles. Sunlight, fortified milk and cereals are important sources of vitamin D.

Music therapy: it is one of the most effective natural therapies to reduce back pain. It is known to reduce depression and anxiety among the persons suffering from back pain. This therapy is used with hospitalized back pain patients.

Vitamin B12: It is known to be highly effective in reducing lower back pain. Its deficiency causes irritability, tingling sensation, numbness, mild loss of memory and depression in some.

Massage therapy: The effectiveness of massage therapy is worldly accepted.

Magnesium: It is responsible for the healthy functioning of the nerves and the muscles and it builds the immunity of the body. It also helps in protein synthesis.

Willow bark: It has functions almost similar to aspirin. An ingredient of the willow bark called salicin is converted to salicylic acid by the body. It has anti inflammatory properties and it relieves pain.

Chiropractic treatment: In this treatment, some spinal manipulation is done to relieve the pain.

Yoga: Yoga is the remedy for a number of diseases. It is the right way to maintain the balance of the body. Yoga also increases the resilience of the body.

Bowen therapy: This therapy was invented by Tom Bowen of Australia. It includes the use of hand and finger movements over the body to release pain. It requires professionals to perform this as special receptors have to be located to apply the pressure.

Breathing techniques: Special breathing techniques that create a connection between the mind and the body help reduce pain.

Alexander technique: This method works on your bad habits like wrong posture, slouching and the like to cure your ailment.
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