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Lower Back Pain
A Visit To The Spa Can Help You Combat Back Pain
Sometimes, a little relaxation is all that you need to fight back pain. And a spa offers you just that.
What Is Discogenic Back Pain?
Discogenic back pain refers to back pain that is caused as a result of degeneration or wearing out of lumber intervertebral discs. Also known as lumbar disc pain, this form of back pain usually occurs in the high age group.
Avoid Back Pain When Gardening
Gardening is quite an enjoyable activity. It takes off the stress and helps you relax. However, this otherwise relaxing activity can be quite a task if you are suffering from back pain.
Sciatica Nerve
Sciatica is the name of the peripheral neuropathy which causes back pain. Sciatic pain is a sharp pain that initiates at your buttocks and slowly moves down the thighs, cuffs and leg joints.
Low Back Pain Is Common
Low back pain is the common phenomenon of this world. As to how common it is can be judged by seeing recent statistics (declared in 2001). In the United States of America, 55 per cent of the population was found to be suffering from Low Back Pain while in the United Kingdom, the percentage was about 40 per cent.
Low Back Pain and Leg Pain
Many a times low back pain and leg pain gets resolved it self. However, there can be situations where the pain can be unbearable and might call for a complete medical treatment.
Natural Alternatives For Herniated Disk
Natural alternatives  take a holistic approach to treat any kind of ailment. The alternative treatments are natural and  have no side effects.
Know All About Sacrum Pain
Sacrum pain is defined as a sharp and biting pain in the lower back that sometimes may extend to the butt. This kind of back pain affects the sacrum, which is the lowest part of the spine.
Deep Tissue Massage For Back Pain Relief
There are numerous methods to deal with the problem. Deep tissue massage is one of them. It is a more effective form of massage therapy that can be used to treat severe back pain.
Pain In Sciatica Could Be Unbearable
Sciatica is a kind of pain that takes its origin in the lower part of our body and travels to the foot and knees. This pain usually occurs in people of the age of 30 to 50. The pain can range from a simple gingerly feeling to an unbearable one.
Sciatica is the pain which originates in the sciatic nerve. This nerve is located in the lower part of the body and goes down all the way to our leg.
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