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Muscle strain or pulled muscles have been the cause of most back muscle pain episodes among the Americans. This strain occurs due to heavy physical work all of a sudden or lifting very heavy objects, defying your muscle resistance. The strain causes back muscle to spasm and create significant stiffness. In severe case, the pain becomes inadmissible and makes life a hell, making you totally immovable.

 Ice massage and compression is very helpful in alleviating the pain during the first few hours, particularly if swelling appears. After the initial period passes, heat therapy should be applied to speed up the healing process.

Jacuzzis are also considered therapeutic for muscles, in our case the back muscles. Not only they ease up knotted muscles, they speed up healing process by increasing blood circulation.

Another subtle cause for back muscle pain is bad posture. Bad posture inhibits blood supply to several areas, especially to the lower back, therefore weakening the muscle group within that area. When the weakened muscle is used, these stiff muscles will stiffen and tear, resulting to a muscle strain.

Muscle tone and flexibility is also a factor in back muscle pain. Rigid muscles tend to snap and tear when held in the extreme. Individuals who don’t see much bending exercise or even stretching will encounter muscle strains more frequently while reaching or bending for something. Recent studies show that the suppleness of the hamstring muscles do contribute to the amount of stress in the lower back. The theory is that tight hamstrings limit the motion of the pelvis, so the motion gets transferred to the bottom lumbar muscles. Elastic hamstrings considerably lessen the strain on the lower back muscles while bending over.

In a nutshell, back muscle pain is just an after effect of a poor muscle tone. The best way to counter back muscle pain is exercise. Supple, elastic muscles prevent tearing and strain which in turn prevents back muscle pain. So do good posture and form, which encourages proper blood circulation.

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