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Exercise For Upper Back Pain Relief

Upper back is also known as thoracic back. The word thoracic refers to the upper portion of the spine corresponding to chest and its surrounding. Very often people complain of some uneasiness between their neck and lumber spine. This uneasiness may turn in to intense pain in the upper back if not taken care of.

So as and when you identify a pain between the end of your neck to the beginning of lumbar spine, meet the physician. For, it is very much viable to cure upper back pain with exercises, especially in the initial phase of the problem. Also, it is better to know the causes behind this malady before trying any kinds of exercises for your upper back pain.

Causes for upper back pain are many but the most common causes are related to the problems with soft tissues like ligaments or irritation in muscles. It can happen to any body if he keeps a wrong posture, lacks strength or has undergone a trauma due to accidents. Moreover problems with joints connecting the vertebra and ribs may also cause pain in the upper portion of the back.

But for those who are suffering from pain in their lumber spine region there is nothing to worry as there are a number of exercises that can relieve pain, much to their solace. Moreover doing regular exercise can make them free of this discomfort for good. Here are some of the best upper back pain exercises meant to relieve pain as well as to keep upper back sound:

Pectoralis Stretch:   

Stand in the passage of a door and hold its frame. Lean forward to tighten the muscles of your chest. Do it for 15 seconds in one go. This should be done at least three times to get the benefits.

Arm Slides:

Stand against a wall with your back facing the wall. Put up your arms along the wall keeping your palm facing outward. Now raise your hands up and down making your muscles throughout the upper back and arms stretch.

Scapular Squeezes:

Bent your elbows and keep your palms facing outward. Now hold your arms up on the side of your body and move your hands backwards as far as you can at least for 20 times.

Mid Trap Exercise:

Lie flat on your stomach placing a pillow under your chest. Keep your arms at 90 degree from your torso. Now squeeze your shoulder blades by raising your arms. You can also lift a small weight. Do it at least 20 times.

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