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Herniated Disk Treatments
The disks are made up of soft cartilages and they separate the vertebrae of the spinal column. The main function of the spinal disk is to act as shock absorber and also to support elasticity. This helps in body movements. If a rupture occurs in a disk, then it is called ruptured disk or herniated disk.  The soft materials that makes the disk come out through the smooth bindings of the vertebrae bones or the spinal joints, in this case.

The ruptured disk can occur in any part of the back and cause a lot of trouble. If it occurs in the neck region it is called neck or cervical spondylosis. If it happens in thoracic region, it is called spondylosis. In the lumbar region it is called lumbar herniated disk.
The usual symptoms of herniated disk are loss of sensation in that area and extreme pain

The herniated disk treatments are carried out depending on the nature of bulging and the area in which it has occurred. An MRI - magnetic resonance imaging, is carried out to detect the nature of bulging. Once the position is confirmed, the treatments is prescribed.
Herniated disk treatments for neck:
A neck cap is given to stop the movement of the neck. Medications include painkillers and swell reducing tablets as well. After the rest period some physiotherapy is recommended.

For Thoracic region:Rest along with postures are prescribe to reduce the pressure while doing certain daily activities from the affected region. The medications are the same that target the swelling and numbness. Certain exercises are also been used for treatment of this portion.

For Lumbar region:Waist belts are given for fixing the area so that movements cause no more harm to the injured region or the nerves. The medications are the same as above. The physiotherapist may recommend some

For severe herniated disk in any region:Surgery is the best treatment option for severe ruptures of the cushions or the disks. Recent medical developments have made surgery quite an easy task. Some of the surgical treatments are known as, Microdiscectomy. It is the most common form of surgery that is done to cure the herniated problem. Then there are Chymopapain injections, lumbar laminectomy, and arthroscopic lumbar discectomy.
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