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Ideally, prevention is always better than cure. Still, certain lifestyles require a lot, a most times certain health factors are considerably ignored. Even working on the office all day can cause a major health risk on your back while sitting down all day. So does construction jobs, which require considerable lifting that can also cause great strain on back muscles.

 Back pains wreak havoc to your lifestyle. They are the major discomfort of most professionals’ sleeping habits. And did you know that back pain is the fourth most common reason for all physician visits. Approximately nine out of ten adults suffer from back pain at some point of their lives, and five out of ten working adults have frequent back pains.

In response, a number of health and fitness specialists have produced a number of back pain machines that can relieve this ailing condition. How effective these machines to you are still moot point. So read about their products and decide if you’re going to try one out.

The TENS Machine
Stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, the TENS machine is a wonderful device that is surprisingly cheap (at only £24.95) and has a surprisingly effective results. Most consumers vouch for this product. The science behind this product is very brilliant. In the analytical aspect once a sore spot is recognized, the brain automatically sends a motor function that allows the part to be rubbed. In effect, once we hit an elbow, our hand will automatically rub the afflicted area until the pain diminishes. This is the gate control theory of pain put forward by two scientists called Melzack and Wall. By implementing the theory, they came up with an artificial stimulus using electrical pulses. Later studies also concluded that the stimuli produced by a TENS machine also motivated the body into producing its own pain reliving hormones called endorphins.

The TENS machine has been used widely now, not only for back pain relief. A number of women in labor had eased up by using these back pain machines. If you want to try a TENS machine, just click on this link:

The BackPro-CPM

The Back Pro CPM is a back pain machine that provides a motorized exercise through compression and decompression of the lumbar vertebrae, plus moving the spine in an anterior (forward) motion on the compression stroke, and a posterior (rearward) motion on the decompression stroke. The result would be a therapy exercise that promotes blood flow to the posterior area and upper back area. This back pain machine is designed to minimize the toxin build up in afflicted areas that may accumulate in tissues as a result of muscle spasm and disc injury.

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