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The Back Pain Machine
Tip! Because so many of us work at desks hunched over our computers for 40 hours a week, it is no surprise that people are reporting lower back pain in record numbers.
Fully operational since 1989, Body Clock has been a leading supplier of several back pain machine such as TENS, EMS and electro- acupuncture units to a number of pharmacy chains, medical professionals and hospital institutions. TENS back pain machine No doubt, the most simple among Body Clock’s quality product is TENS. It is available at $49.95, where you get a true value of your money. This actually has the ability to treat two pain areas at once. This also has burst, continuous and modulation modes with a pulse rate and intensity adjustment options. It gives you the option to adjust sensation to avoid your body becoming used to one setting. Digitally versatile, this product from Body Clock can be used as a wireless TENS machine or utilized conventionally to remedy one pain area with its own leads and pads. TENS Elite’s simplicity lies behind its 11 pre- set modes that is finely suited to combat all types of ache. It has a 30 or 60 minute timers together with a battery- saving shut down option available at $99. 95.
Tip! The causes of lower back pain ranges from simple reasons like muscular strain to cancer of spine and hence backache should not be ignored.
EMS back pain machine Ultimately digital, Profile EMS has seven completely programmable modes. It is perfect for refining individual muscles as well as those in groups. It is ideal for rehabilitation and toning available at $179. 95. Packed with functionality and special safety features, it also feels so smooth that you want to use all over again. Previously known as TENS ‘n’ Tone, Body Clock Duo is more revolutionary now. At $199.95, it comes with bifurcated leads and self- adhesive electrodes. It does not just relieve the pain, it also stimulates the muscles. It amazingly treat four areas at a single period. In Dr. Gadsby’s book entitled “An easy guide to EMS”, this can be yours for free.
Tip! If you don’t get back pain on a regular basis, have you ever suffered from acute discomfort in your neck, upper back, or lower back.
Electro- acupuncture back pain machine The latest in electro acupuncture, Stimulus is a device that applies the same old principle as the old oriental Chinese therapy without having to pierce the skin. This $149. 95 product finds acupoints where it brushes off the pain at an easy touch of a button. The acupoints are detected with light and sound. It has six LED indicators on the top of the unit that lights up one by one. This also emits a low pitch sound that rises when you reach the acupoint.
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