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Sit Properly To Avoid Back Pain

Poor posture is the most common reason behind back pain. It is important that you keep your posture upright and sit properly if you wish to prevent back pain. Here is a step by step guide that will enable you to sit properly and keep the back pain at bay.

Position your lower body right
To sit in the right posture, start off with positioning your lower body right. You need to ensure that your hip and knee joints are perpendicular to each other. So, you could adjust your chair accordingly. Also, ensure that your feet lie flat on the floor.

Get atop your sitting bones
At the bottom of your pelvis are two bones, also known as sitting bones. To sit in the right posture, you must be sitting on top of them. As you sit, your weight should fall on the sitting bones and not in front them or on their backside. If your weight lies on their front side, your back could be arched. And in case, the weight falls behind the sitting bones, you could be slumping.

Watch your curves
Take note of your spinal curves. You will notice that there is a slight curve in the lower back. Ideally, you should be able to slip your hand between your lower back and the back of the chair. If you are arching too much over your lower back, then it could lead to muscle spasm or strain in the muscles.

Practice belly breathing
The diaphragm is the primary breathing muscle. As you breathe, it moves down vertically making space for the lungs to expand. Since the diaphragm moves vertically, it increases intra abdominal pressure. As a result, it helps maintain an upright posture. Practicing belly breathing can help you use this muscle to the best of your advantage. This type of breathing requires you to draw air till your belly.

Check the shoulders
Your shoulders should always be above your hips. Also, do not unnecessarily tighten your shoulders. Let them relax and drop. Positioning the shoulder blades lower can help avoid back pain.

Bring your head back
Is your head slouching forward? If yes, then you could be inviting back pain. Bring your head back. Ideally, your ears should be in alignment with your shoulders. If you are already suffering from back pain, then this may not be completely possible. Try to bring your head back to the maximum possible but do not force your body.

Practice good posture
Once you have learnt good posture, it is important to practice it more often. As you practice it more and more, you will eventually get used to it.

Start sitting right and you will be able to avoid back pain to a large extent.
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