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Myths About Treatment Of Back Pain


There are various causes of back pain. Some back pain problems can be treated with proper home exercise program and some require other treatments like surgery, acupuncture and others. However there are some myths related to the treatment of back pain in the minds of the people. These are:

Myth1- There exists a standard cure for the most causes of back pain.

Fact- The reality is that there are few standardized approaches for diagnosing and treating back problems. Various spine specialists show discontent on an appropriate treatment for back pain. Different treatments are available according to the type of causes.

Myth2- Rest is the only factor behind back pain recovery or relief.

Fact- Rest is mainly recommended to the patients just for one or two days as it helps in reducing pressure on the spine discs and stops the mechanical stresses which are irritating the pain receptors. However, increase in rest period would adversely affect the back pain leading to increased pain and other complicated problems like:

1.De-conditioning of cardiopulmonary with 15% loss in 10 days

2.Muscle atrophy with 1 % to 1.5 % per day.

3.Loss of bone mineral.

4.Loss of wages.

5.Rusting of the mindset.

Myth3- The goodness of heat and massage helps in back pain and back problems.

Fact- There is no doubt that these therapies are helpful in back pain but the effects are visible mostly in cases of acute pain and are short lived. These do not provide long term solutions to the problems of back. These are mainly used for managing pain during the recovery period. These allow the patients to complete their rehabilitation program enabling them to participate in the day-to-day activities.

Myth4- Long term pain is an indication towards the need of back surgery.

Fact- If your back pain stays for a longer period or reaches the chronic stage, than the spine or back surgery have less chances of being successful. It is really beneficial if the symptoms suggesting the back surgery are known in the early course of pain to get proper cure.

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