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The sciatic nerve is the nerve that strolls down from bony canal in the spine till toe. Sciatica is basically a dysfunction of the sciatic nerve. If you feel lower back pain and leg numbing, burning sensation, difficulty in walking, and are unable to move the knee then these are the symptoms of sciatica. It can be confirmed by a neuromuscular examination conducted by a physician. If you are wondering as to what are the causes of sciatica then read Some Cool Exercises To Get Rid Of Back Pain

There can be end number of causes of sciatica or lower left back pain such as Lumbar herniated disc, Lumbar spinal stenosis, Degenerative disc disease, and Sacroiliac joint dysfunction. But, there are some back pain treatments that can help in treating mid back pain. The various ways of handling back pain are back pain exercises, back pain medication, and back pain therapy which includes massage and ice and heat therapy. All these ways help in relieving back pain. Medications for back pain include some pain killers. The exercises for lower back pain help in making your back muscles stronger and flexible.

Exercises for back pain include low impact aerobic exercises, flexibility exercises, yoga, tai chi, chi kung and some exercises restraining deep muscles. All these will help in giving you a relief from back pain and provide you with stronger muscles.

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