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Exercises To Manage Scoliosis
Exercise can be very effective treatment option for many skeletal disorders. Scoliosis is one such disorder which can be effectively cured by exercise. Scoliosis is a deformity of the spine with an abnormal rotational and lateral curvature. It is typically a congenital condition. Anomalies in the structure of the vertebra are responsible for this condition.. The cause this abnormal structure is not known, but is generally linked to heredity and genetic disorders. Scoliosis is one of the most serious disorders of the spine. At times the victims are known to have a curvature of more than 45 degrees.

If you are a patient of Scoliosis, and the curvature is more than 25 degrees then it is recommended that you opt for either braces or surgical correction. Bracing is a treatment where back braces are used to correct the curvature. In case the curvature is more than that, the patient may be evaluated for surgery.

In surgery the spine is straightened surgically. If you are at the  pre-stage it can be treated with exercises specifically meant to treat scoliosis. Natural therapies like exercises can do wonders where the best medical sciences have failed. All you need to do is follow the strict regime of exercises given by your physiotherapists or fitness trainer. Theses exercises are not very tough and anybody can do them.

The exercises mostly involve stretching the spine in the direction opposite to the curvature. The patient will first stretch and then pull back to position. In one form of the exercise, the patient needs to stand with legs apart, catch hold of the waist and bend side wards opposite to the curvature. The position should be held up to one minute. Relax and repeat it five times. This exercise should be done in the morning and one hour before going to bed. There should be a gap of two hours between meals.
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