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Canine Cervical Disc

Your dog jumps, plays, and shows different postures to entertain you and also to make your child feel happy. Do you ever realize that your dog can also suffer from cervical problems. The spine of the dog is the most exposed body part of the animal. Though anatomically, the animals are different from us but mostly they also have some similar body phenomenon.

Your dog can also suffer from spinal pain like you and it can also create a lot of trouble for it. They are dumb and cannot express in our ways, but there eyes express many things. If you are true master and love it, you should be able to recognize its troubles. Canines too have their joint problems. They can also suffer from herniation or bulging disc. The most possible area of herniated disc is the cervical region.

The dogs use their neck very much and they are also prone to injury from too much motion or balance less jumps. If the canine suffers from herniated disc injury or if due to aging, it has got the problem, it will show the symptoms of it. Being a good master you should be able to realize the changes in him/her.

The very first symptom it will show is loss of interest in playing, roaming etc. The dog will be seen moaning slightly while playing or if you drag its collar. If you touch the area of its neck you will find it hot. The animal will resist your approaches in the area.

If you observe such symptoms take him to a veterinary hospital, where the veterinarian will carry out the test and will recommend you the treatments meant for it. Also, a neck brace or cap will be provided so that it cannot move its neck too much.

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