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Cause Of Middle Left Back Pain
Well there is no single cause of middle left back pain. The middle left back pain is caused by a number of factors. Even the middle left back pain doesn't originate in the left side of your back. It moves there slowly creeping down all the muscular veins. That is, it originates in the middle portion of your back and then tumbles down the left side.

Let us first discuss the prominent cause of middle left back pain one by one and then see how it can be cured.

Muscle Strain: It has been identified as the major cause of middle left back pain. The back muscles and tendons provide support to the spine and the ribs. It also builds the shape of your back. They are the muscles that take much stress of activities that we rarely notice like sitting, lifting of heavy objects etc. Sitting in wrong postures for long periods, over the time hurts the muscles and strains or spasms do occur. This cause pain in the spinal muscular region of the back and the pain travels to the left side of your back.

Slip Disc: The vertebrae that protects the spine and support us for balance has cartilaginous discs for flexibility and shock-absorption. If any of the disc slips out slightly, they put pressure in the adjoining bundle of nerves coming down from the brain. It pinches and hurts. The result is inflammation and pain that slowly spreads in the left or right side of the back or even in downwards.

Gastroenteritis: Yes, its not necessary that your muscles be the cause of middle left back pain. Gastroenteritis can also be the cause of back pain. That's why its essential to get the cause of your back pain confirmed before any medication is taken.

There are various treatments that are quite simple, meant for the middle left back pain. They are physiotherapy sessions, massages, some exercises, rest, and for the pain some pills or tablets re-prescribed by the doctors.
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