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What Causes Scoliosis?
Scoliosis is not actually a disease. It is often referred to by many as a comprehensive medical condition. It is usually a curvature in the spine. The word scoliosis has its origin in a Greek word “skoliosis” meaning crooked. Scoliosis occurs in children and sometimes among infants. It is more common in girls than boys, and prevails in the middle of childhood.

Symptoms of scoliosis vary from individual-to-individual. If there is an abnormal growth of the shoulders and if they are uneven, they might trigger the problem. Also, the child may get inclined to one side. He might develop bigger waist and hips. These are some of the symptoms most commonly found.

What causes scoliosis?
In almost around 80 – 85% of the cases, causes are unknown and it is referred as idiopathic scoliosis. Sometimes, it is believed to be caused by genetically-triggered factors. Some researches have suggested that people with high arches and with imbalanced muscles around the vertebrae are prone to have scoliosis. Some children even might have asymmetrical growth in their spines resulting in scoliosis. Muscle spasms and unequal length of the legs can also be a cause of scoliosis. Another type of scoliosis that is active during the later years in life is called degenerative scoliosis. It is mainly a progression of the disease one had during childhood.
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