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Lumbar Herniated Disk

The lumbar portion of the spine is the area just above your buttocks. It's the lower most part of the spine that joins the skeletal structures of the legs. In fact, this is the most susceptible area of a herniated disk or a bulging disk. The lumbar spine plays a very important role in supporting the balance and movement of the body while working, walking, lifting, kneeling, or even sitting.


Before understanding what is lumbar herniated disk, let us see what is a herniated disk?

Herniated disk is the slipping out of some jelly-like substance from the spinal joints or the bulging of discs inside the spinal joints due to a rupture or shrinking. When one or more discs of the spinal lumbar region bulge out and the jelly-like substance comes out, then it is called a lumbar herniated disk.


Symptoms of lumbar herniated disks:

Irritating pain, swelling, and heat in the region of rupture. Muscle weakness and problems in sitting, lying, walking, or even standing for long hours may also be the symptoms of this kind of pain.


Complications arising from lumbar herniated disk

If the herniated disk or the bulged disk strikes the sciatica nerve, the complication increases. The pain from back reaches the buttocks and then moves down to the legs. It's a very sharp pain that can strike you instantly. The sciatica nerve is the main nerve that runs through the leg region and then divides into areas like thighs, cuffs, or ankles.


Bowel and bladder complications

A herniated disk in the lumbar region, can also cause bowel regulation problems or other disorders in it. The bladder also becomes susceptible to the problems. You would feel pain in the back portion of your stomach also. Thus, a lumbar herniated disk is not only a problem of pain, it can give rise to other diseases as well.

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