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Lower Back Pain Products

Lower back pain is an ailment which is cured with the help of exercises and certain habits. Therefore, a lot of products are developed which give support while resting, sleeping driving, or be filler to a certain kind of posture which has been prescribed.


There are belts to support your muscles, which allows the prevention of severe pain and holds the back firmly to correct muscle posture. There are pillows, designed to keep the temperature at a certain level and made of material which adjusts to the sleeping position of your head. There are neck supports which can be attached to your favorite sofa or your driving seat.


There are soft wedges designed for resting your knees which takes the pressure from your hind portion and is of great use when there is a sudden bout of pain. It is generally recommended for those who have the habit of sleeping on their back. Then, there are foam pillows of small sizes which are designed to keep yours knees separate in order to reduce the stress on the back; it is suitable for people sleeping sideways. There are soles with specific pressure points on them which use the nervous impulse to heal the pain and can be used regularly with shoes and sandals.


Many medicinal formulas have been developed. These include relief spray to alleviate pain in an emergency e.g. of an athlete in between a match or a race. There are also tablets and capsules which use tropical and herbal elements such as glucosamine for rejuvenating the strength and endurance level of bones and muscles. However, all these are specific products and should be used under prescription as per recommendation.

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