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Herniated Disk in Neck

After lower back or the lumbar region of the spine, the next prominent area of bulging disc is the neck. Bulging disc in neck is called a herniated disk of neck. It is caused when the circular cushions between the cervical spinal joints become dispositional out or bulge.

A herniated disk in the neck can be the cause of many disorders or some sort of injury either instantaneous or a slow-developing injury. The cervical spine in the area is made of seven vertebrates and a lot of spinal nerves. The area is very sensitive and a herniated disk can cause many complications in the body. The vertebra bones of this area are smaller compared to the other bones. When they bulge out, they have more sharp endings with the possibility of hurting the nerves or the spines severely.

Here are some very unique and lesser-seen complications of a herniated disk in neck:

The herniated disk in the cervical region can cause your tongue to be paralyzed. There won't be any sensation of hotness, coldness, or tastes. The problem can cause eye disorder. The optic nerves pass through that area and this will show symptoms in the eyes. The eyeballs seem to be replaced from normal positions and there could be itching. The disorder of the spine can also cause heavy coughing and the patient goes on coughing. The sputum may block the air passage of the nose and the person finds difficulty in breathing.

These are very rare and most complicated signs of a herniated disc in the neck. Besides these, the common symptoms would be there. You won't be able to move your head, will experience sharp pain in the neck and shoulders and you may suffer from mild fever.

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