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Exercise For Back Pain Relief: Good Or Bad?
Many of us feel that when the back hurts it is better to let it have as much rest as possible. Exercising during back pain is considered to be something that must be avoided. This notion is understandable because one feels that burdening one’s back with excess activity might damage the back further. However, what is not realized is that exercise is a part of the process of healing.

Fitness activities do not damage the back but they help the discs to get nutrition by exchange of fluids. A lack of exercise makes the discs degenerate. That is one thing that back exercise does not allow. Another advantage is that the exercise builds the supporting back muscles. These muscles take much of the load and thus relieve the spine, which prevents injuries to the spine.

If you have undergone a back surgery, mild back exercises would help the muscles gain strength and you could recover much faster.

Basically, the primary purpose of exercising one’s back is to build strength and improve flexibility. The key here is that you should not overdo them. There is quite range of exercise for you to choose from. Some of them are backward bending, hip extension, press ups, pectoral stretch, side bending etc.

The ‘dead lift’ is one of the best back exercises. However, it is not recommended for everyone because though it strengthens the back better than most of the exercises, but it needs quite a considerable strength and needs to be done with precision. If it is not done properly it may result in injury. Besides, it is one of those exercises that leave one exhausted after the workout. Therefore, it is important that if you decide to go for a ‘dead lift’ workout, make sure that you do it under the supervision of an expert. Another important thing is that you should start light. Do not start lifting heavy weight right away because that may injure your back.

Now comes the rest part. Give yourself proper rest because muscles need rest to recuperate and that’s how they gain strength. So, if you do not take proper rest, chances are that you might not derive as much strength from your workouts as you otherwise could. Exercise is the best way to have a healthy back. Start today.
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