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Treatment Of Lower Left Back Ache

Lower left back ache is more often a chronic genre of back pain. It could remain persistent for longer period if its are not known. Very often sciatica gives way to this type of pain. There are certain other reasons too. Certain causes of lower left back ache are as follows:

Pain may occur due to the damage of nerve tissues. These is also called neuropathic pain. It triggers off a burning or stabbing ache in the lower left back. It may be because of a pinched nerve. Other kind of lower left back ache is nociceptive that is due to the disorder in nervous system. Arthritis based pains are of this type. In this case, a mild but consistent pain is experienced in lower left back. To know more about treatment of lower left back ache, read treating lower left back ache.

Chronic pain in the lower left back that goes down to the legs gives pins and needles sensation. It may be because of unhealed wound or sciatica or disc displacement. Acute pain in the lower left back although exists for short period but is very intense. More often, it is unbearable for patients. Exercises for back pain could be a good solution. An appropriate exercise for lower left back ache is seated leg- butt raise that is accomplished in three stages. These are start position, basic action and advanced feat.

Start Position
1. Arrange your knees and pelvic at equal heights while sitting in a relaxed position on chair.
2. Place hands on the chair at the sides of your buttocks.
3. Spine lengthening and pelvic neutral upward.
4. Fasten your scapulas and gently tuck in your chin.

Basic Action
 Lift your left leg off the floor and feel the weight of your pelvis change over to the left buttock.
2. Lift your left buttock. This is done in order to transfer your weight to the right buttock.
3. Keep it zipped and hollowed. Place your left knee so that it will be leveled to your right.
4. Do not alter your posture. Breathe twice then relax. Repeat it for both sides, about two to five times.

Advanced Feat
1. With little change, basic action is repeated.
2. Hands are placed on thighs.
3. Right leg is used to push the body towards the back of chair.

These exercises could be an effective back pain treatment. Home back pain relief are also available for lower left back ache. This type of pain is chronic lower back pain and needs constant monitoring and care. Causes of lower back pain of left side must be known for smooth treatment. Relieving back pain of this type requires medication that strikes at the root cause of ache. Alternative back pain therapy is also possible, such as massage and water compressors. In extreme cases assistance of back pain support groups are also needed.

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