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Middle Back Pain During Pregnancy
Pregnancy is a state when the body metabolism in a woman changes the most. The hormonal disorder gives rise to a number of problems. Diabetes, leg pain, swelling of foot etc are some of the very common problems being suffered by a woman during the period of her pregnancy.

Pregnancy middle back pain is one such complication that can be seen in some cases. Its not something very serious but it needs care or else it may pose some threats. During pregnancy some changes in the body causes the back pain and its not necessary to hurt the muscles by any kind. Lets have a deeper look at it.

The first simple reason of back pain is ligament related pain. The uterosacral ligaments stretch during the pregnant state when the uterus grows bigger. This may cause lower or central back pain. But the position of the pain is not exactly the middle back. This pain is harmless and vanishes with the delivery of the baby.

On the other hand the serious notes of middle back pain both on the left and right side during pregnancy may indicate something wrong with the kidney functions. Pregnant women are very much prone to kidney infections. This state is called "pyelonephritis". First of all, she should visit a doctor for the tests like- urinalysis and urine culture. If this is the cause of the back pain and its neglected it may lead to sepsis.
Again if the pain is only felt in the middle back right portion, there must be complications in the liver. She must go for LFT also called liver functions tests and blood count tests.
Some tips to follow when having pregnancy middle back pain:

A) Try to wear low-heeled or flat shoes.
B) Avoid bending forward direct, while getting up take the support of one knee while picking up objects or getting up from the floor.
C) Stretching your back is important. Ask your gynecologist for suggestions in the stretches.
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